Volkswagen Passat near Minneapolis

Now is a fantastic time to head down to Volkswagen of Inver Grove to check out a Volkswagen Passat near Minneapolis. When you are tired of the same, boring commute to work, or maybe the inefficient drive of your current car, then we highly recommend coming to meet with us as soon as possible. We have several brand promises that give our customers the confidence they deserve when car shopping. As soon as you step on our lot, you will be given our Best Price. We don’t like haggling or negotiating, and we are pretty certain that none of our customers do, either. When you come to our dealership, you will experience a pressure-free atmosphere. Buying a car shouldn’t be overwhelming or frustrating, so let us make it an experience that you will want to tell your friends and family about. Come see us today.

Meet the Older Sibling

You’ve most likely heard of the Volkswagen Jetta, but now it is time to introduce you to the older sibling. The Volkswagen Passat offers families and individuals some added luxury for their daily drive. As an affordable midsize sedan, or wagon depending on the model year, the Passat is perfect for the growing family. With an accommodating and comfortable cabin, 5 passengers can enjoy long road trips without feeling claustrophobic. The design of the Passat emphasizes passenger legroom for a more relaxed, more enjoyable ride.

Standard Features that Amaze

Standard features on vehicles are usually pretty disappointing. With most competitors charging extra for even the smallest of amenities, it is no wonder you become frustrated when car shopping. With the Volkswagen Passat near Minneapolis, standard features are made to amaze. Even the base level trim of the Passat offers Climatronic dual-zone climate control, touchscreen sound system, and rearview camera. For a midsize sedan that boasts a ton of features at a great value, come test drive the Passat today. We are confident that you won’t want to go home without one.