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Volkswagen Alltrack in Inver Grove, MN

If you are ready to get off of the beaten path and out of the big city, you need a car that can go everywhere life takes you. The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack is the perfect vehicle to get you to where you are going on your next big adventure. This car is equiped with everything that you need whether you are headed out rock climbing, climbing, or just cruising the back roads. If you are looking for a Golf Alltrack to get you where you are going, stop by Volkswagen of Inver Grove to take one for a test drive today.

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Get off the road

Some of the greatest adventures on four wheels are not made on the pavement, but on the dirt backroads and two tracks of Americas back country. With all 4motion all-wheel drive you can get mud on your tires without worrying about being stuck in it. Combine this with off-road mode and hill decent mode you can optimize your Golf Alltrack to get the most traction wherever the road takes you. Paddle shifters within reach of your hands allow you to have the torque that you need at all times no matter what type of terrain you are driving in.

Designed for where life takes you

The great thing about the Golf Alltrack is that not only is the engine and drive train designed for off road use, but every aspect of this vehicle is designed to get the optimal performance out of whatever you do. Increased ground clearance, roof rails, and rugged good looks means that you will fit in wherever you go. If you want to see all that the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack has to offer for yourself, stop by the lot of Volkswagen of Inver grove to experience it for yourself.