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We're sorry, availability of some equipment, options or features may be limited due to global supply issues affecting the auto industry. Please be sure to verify that the vehicle you purchase includes all expected features and equipment.

Used Cars for Sale at Volkswagen of Inver Grove

Are you looking for a new ride?  Volkswagen of Inver Grove has a large selection of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles for you to browse.  CPO vehicles have a higher standard of presentation than used vehicles alone.  We offer a wide selection to choose from to help you find the model you want.

Why Buy Used?

Used vehicles can save you a lot of money.  When buying used, you save yourself the depreciation costs that occur when you buy a new vehicle, which saves you a lot on sticker price and monthly payments.  Buying used also allows you to buy a higher-end vehicle or to upgrade the one you have.  Save big on the special options packages you want for your comfort and entertainment, because your sticker price reflects the package already. With a new vehicle, you pay extra to get the package you want.

CPO Advantage

CPO vehicles give you peace of mind. With a CPO vehicle, you have a warranty to help you feel more confidant in your vehicle choice. These models go through a rigorous inspection process before they can enter the market.

CPO cars include a Carfax report, so you know the history of the vehicle. Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision on the vehicle you choose. 

Choose from our large inventory of CPO vehicles in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your needs. If you want power, consider a large-size sedan. For a car that is easier on your budget, consider a compact sedan, like the VW Golf. Many of these models can get 30 plus miles per gallon. If you want something in-between, consider a mid-sized sedan, like the VW Jetta, or maybe you a looking for the classic VW Beetle.  Whatever you need, you will likely find it at Volkswagen of Inver Grove.

Financing at Volkswagen of Inver Grove

Our finance team can customize a loan for you that will give you the car you want without breaking the bank. We will help you get affordable monthly payments for your budget. 

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, we will help you get a loan to buy a quality used car.  Here at Volkswagen of Inver Grove, we want to help you get the chance to own a new used car.  You can even go online and complete an easy application so we can get started on your loan, once you complete the application and submit it to the team.  They will work hard to get you an estimate of what amount you can qualify for. 

Once you get your offer, you can start shopping for your car.  You can even use your current ride as a trade-in if you want to further reduce your payments.  You can find out your trade-in online if you want to get a better idea of what you have to work with.

Stop by and test drive a used vehicle today and find out which model is right for you.  Stop by Volkswagen of Inver Grove today!