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Keep your VW Jetta or Volkswagen Tiguan running smoothly and reliable with regular service at Volkswagen of Inver Grove. We understand that you lead a busy life, which is why we offer online scheduling. Make an appointment that works around your day.

Don't Neglect Routine Maintenance

To keep your vehicle at optimal performance and efficiency, you need to follow the maintenance schedule as recommended by the manufacturer for your model. Failure to have your vehicle serviced regularly will lead to excessive wear and tear and damage to your vehicle over time.

Your owner's manual provides a schedule for maintenance based on your VW model. The service technicians at Volkswagen of Inver Grove will also help you know when you need specific services done for your vehicle.

Some of the services you should schedule at Volkswagen of Inver Grove include the following.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes may be the most important maintenance task you have done on your VW. The oil has a critical role in engine performance by lubricating the moving parts. It also helps clean the engine to remove any particles that get inside. The filter also prevents grime and road debris from getting to the engine and causing damage.

As the oil cycles through over and over, it becomes less effective. That's why manufacturers recommend having the oil changed periodically. Synthetic oils and blends have a longer life and don't need to be changed as often, but they must still be replaced. The filter gets clogged with dirt and doesn't allow oil to get through. When the oil and filter stop doing their jobs, the engine must work harder, which can cause it to fail sooner. Regular oil changes are necessary for a long life with your vehicle and can be scheduled with Volkswagen of Inver Grove.

Brake Service

Your brakes are another important component to driving your VW. You use the brakes to stop multiple times in one trip, especially if you are driving in the city. Each time you apply them, the pads get worn from stopping the vehicle. Over time, the brake pads can get so worn, they aren't as effective. This can lead to damage of the rotors and other parts of the braking system.

When you bring your VW in for service, the technicians will perform an inspection of the brakes. They will let you know if the brakes need to be replaced soon. It only takes a minute to do a visual check of the brake pads, and this service is included in a full oil change. You can also stop by when you have some free time during our business hours to have a technician take a look at your brakes. If they need replaced, you can schedule the service online.

Battery Service

Your battery is another important part of your vehicle's function. It starts the engine by sending power to the starter. Batteries aren't meant to last forever, and they begin to lose their function after a few years. Most batteries last between 3 and 5 years, but they may need to be checked on occasion even before this. The service team at Volkswagen of Inver Grove will test your battery. If it needs replaced, we carry a large selection of batteries for a replacement. Testing the battery can rule it out as a problem, allowing the technician to look at other components if your vehicle is having issues.

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