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Minneapolis, MN Volkswagen Tire Sales & Service

Minneapolis, MN Volkswagen Tire Sales & Service

VW tires for sale near Minneapolis, MN

Customers are offered a full range of tires services at Volkswagen of Inver Grove. You can also buy new tires for your Volkswagen. Our dealership is located on 1325 50th St East, Inver Grove Height, MN. It is a short drive from Minneapolis, St.Paul, and Burnsville, MN. Every car service comes with a free touchless car wash. While you wait for your car, you can enjoy complimentary beverages, coffee, and kids play area in the waiting lounge.

Tire Inspections

Trained technicians at Volkswagen of Inver Grove can inspect the tires of your car to determine the best course of action for tire service. Typically, the tire inspection includes a tire tread depth measurement. With regular use, the tread of the tires gets worn out, leading to loss of traction on the road. If the tread depth is below a certain level, you might need new tires. There will also be an inspection of the tire pressure to make the pressure is an optimum level. Lastly, the overall tire condition is inspected, including checking for any damage to the sidewalls, punctures, bulges, cracks, and more.

Tire Rotation

In tire rotation service, the tires and wheels are moved to another position to ensure even tire wear. Typically, the tires are moved to complete opposite positions, for example the front right tire will be moved to the left rear location. Routine tire rotations ensure even tire wear, and they extend the longevity and traction of the tires. Certain tire manufactures require tire rotation as a condition for warranty validity. Most experts recommend tire rotation after every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

Tire Balancing

The most common signs of unbalanced tires are wobbly wheels, poor fuel economy, faster tread wear, and vibration in the steering that gets worse at higher speeds. The regular wear on the tire can cause imbalance, or it could be a manufacturing imperfection. Whatever the reason, you should have a regular tire balancing service done to avoid any of these issues. Your tires, along with wheels, will be put in a balancing machine that can pinpoint imbalance areas. It is good to get the tires balanced every time you get the tires rotated.

Two-Wheel Alignment vs. Four-Wheel Alignment

If the wheels are not aligned, the car will tend to pull or sway to one side. As the name suggests, the two-wheel alignment service will only align the front wheels while four-wheel alignment will service all four wheels. For large SUVs or trucks, a two-wheel alignment might be enough, but four-wheel alignments are recommended for smaller cars.

Dealership Amenities

  • Free touchless car wash with every service
  • Free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled service visits
  • Comfortable waiting area with complimentary beverages, coffee, and a kids play area
  • World-class Express Maintenance department - no appointment necessary
  • Lifetime Powertrain warranty
  • Volkswagen service credit card
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities

We're located at 1325 50th St East, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

Department Hours

Open Fridays until 6:00 pm |