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Minneapolis, MN Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Minneapolis, MN Volkswagen Oil Change Service

Oil Change Service for Your VW in Minneapolis

Drivers of any make and model vehicle are well aware of the need for oil changes as arguably the most important aspect of routine maintenance, which assures the vehicle lasts for as long as possible. Volkswagen models are no different. According to the year, the model's specifications, and owner preference, any individual VW might require conventional oil, semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic oil, or perhaps even be set up for routine diesel vehicle oil change procedures. The actual procedure for each type of oil change is the same. The difference is the amount of mileage the different oil types are capable of before breaking down at the structural level and requiring a change to continue performing its proper function.

Why Oil Changes Are So Important

The function of the oil is to lubricate the moving parts inside the vehicle's engine. The lubrication allows metal parts to move against each other without excessive grinding, which can cause physical damage to the parts and allow the friction to build up extreme heat. Over time, the oil breaks down at the molecular level and is unable to continue working well towards its intended purpose. Oil changes are scheduled far ahead of when such a breakdown is expected to assure such damage doesn't take place, because once the damage occurs the engine can't run properly and is going to require intricate and expensive repairs to fix, and even after the repairs are conducted, the car is likely to never perform at peak efficiency again.

What Happens When Engine Oil Isn't Changed

Because oil changes are scheduled in such a manner, postponing an oil change is unlikely to cause noticeable damage or performance loss. What happens when the oil changes are consistently postponed or skipped over the life of the vehicle is tiny scratches form in the engine cylinders and the engine will run at higher temperatures than intended. Eventually, this damage will result in a loss of power and fuel economy. Even worse, the car will require more repairs over the course of its usable life, which will be shorter than expected based on the average amount of mileage the car is capable of achieving when properly maintained.

Finding a Dealer for VW Oil Change near Minneapolis

Although any local mechanic is capable of performing an oil change, it's always better to have a reputable dealer such as Volkswagen Inner Grove in Inner Grove Heights, MN, conduct such service around the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Burnsville areas. Our technicians have received specialty training in the engineering aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance and any information regarding warranties or recalls that might affect your vehicle.

Dealership Amenities

  • Free touchless car wash with every service
  • Free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled service visits
  • Comfortable waiting area with complimentary beverages, coffee, and a kids play area
  • World-class Express Maintenance department - no appointment necessary
  • Lifetime Powertrain warranty
  • Volkswagen service credit card
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Amenities

We're located at 1325 50th St East, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

Department Hours

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