Lease Volkswagen Tiguan

Part tiger, part Iguana, the Volkswagen Tiguan is just as it’s name sounds. It’s powerful and strong, yet sleek and stealthy. A sporty style, fun design, and powerful engine make this compact crossover a must-have! With amazing drivability, room for five, and a cargo space that puts others to shame it’s no wonder the Tiguan is so popular. Come see about how to lease a Volkswagen Tiguan at Volkswagen of Inver Grove today, and let us help you get in a car we trust and believe in. We want you to have the best car, and we know that Volkswagen is that car.

Space and Strength

You don’t have to be the biggest SUV on the block to be the baddest. The Tiguan proves this without even batting an eyelash. A smaller SUV, it doesn’t hog the road but still manages to hold just as much as the generic giant of a SUV you see taking up two parking spots, like the rude machine it is. The Tiguan has ample seating, and adjustable, folding back seats so that if you want to pack more into that cargo space you go ahead and do it. And while you’re hauling your stuff all over the place, you don’t have to worry that your car won’t make it. With an impressive 200 horsepower turbocharged engine you can pretty much go wherever, whenever, and with whatever you want. Pack your friends in. Load up the cargo space. It’s time to hit the road! Test drive one today at Volkswagen of Inver Grove, and see just how much you can get.

Technology and Beyond

Getting in the car doesn’t mean you have to leave it all behind! With touchscreen navigation you can have your own personal co-pilot, without the annoying singing along to all the songs. Rearview cameras, and VW Car-Net App-Connect help keep you safe and connected all the way to your destination.

It’s Called A Machine For A Reason

And that’s because it was engineered for power, speed and performance. You can’t drive a Tiguan without noticing the kick, the ease, and the tiger-like growl the engine has. VW’s engineers work to provide you the best quality vehicle with the best quality parts. Along with the 200 hp engine there’s also 6-speed automatic with Sport Mode, 4MOTION all wheel drive, and sport-tuned suspension. Check out how you can lease a Volkswagen Tiguan of your own at Volkswagen of Inver Grove. Let your inner tiger-iguana out!