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Fuel System Cleaning

Volkswagen of Inver Grove
Fuel System Cleaning

Maintain Efficiency with Regular Fuel System Cleanings

Has your mpg been going down or your car is sputtering during acceleration? Perhaps you have an engine light showing on your dash. All of these are symptoms of a dirty fuel injection system. At Volkswagen of Inver Grove, serving the Twin Cities area, we can complete a fuel system cleaning as part of your next routine maintenance visit and get your Jetta or Golf running like new once again. What is a fuel system cleaning? Check it out with these quick FAQs. 

Volkswagen Fuel Systems Explained

Your car's fuel system starts with the gas tank, but it also includes the fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel injectors, the air intake, and the combustion chamber. If you fill up using cheap gas or your car is over 60,000 miles, impurities in the fuel can build up as deposits throughout the entire fuel system. That can create havoc inside your engine and leave you sitting on the side of the road.

What Happens When the Fuel System Clogs

Deposits found in your gas can clog the fuel filter and the injectors. If the filter is old and has suffered damage, larger particles can enter the combustion chamber. Unburned minerals in the fuel collects on the cylinder walls, pistons, and valves. Should your injector clog from these deposits, it stops delivering fuel to the combustion chamber, resulting in your car shutting down. Improperly burned fuel may trigger an exhaust error which results in a yellow engine light. If your engine continues to run, you will notice poor acceleration and your gas mileage will tank as the engine struggles to pull more fuel and air into the chamber to burn. Ultimately, this shortens the life of the engine as carbon deposits create scratches and leaks in the engine. 

What is Included with a Fuel System Cleaning?

When we perform a complete fuel system cleaning, we will: Replace the fuel filterInspect and clean the fuel injectorsAdd a fuel cleaner to the gas tank and circulate the cleaner through the engineReplace the air filter and clean the air intakeIs your Volkswagen Tiguan, Jetta, or Passat in need of a fuel system cleaning? Give our Service Center a ring or use our simple online form to pick the date and time that works best for you. While your car is in for service at Volkswagen of Inver Grove, we will also give it a free touchless wash to get all the Minnesota road grime off and send you home with a clean vehicle.

Volkswagen Inver Grove Service Amenities:

Free touch-free car wash with every service Free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled service visits
Comfortable waiting area with Complimentary Beverages, Coffee, and kids play area World-class Express Maintenance department - no appointment necessary
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Volkswagen Service Credit Card
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department