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Four Wheel Alignment Service

Volkswagen of Inver Grove
Four Wheel Alignment Service Special Coupon

Reasons to Have a Four-Wheel Alignment Service

Some cars require only two-wheel alignment, but more and more are made to allow all four wheels to be aligned. Cars and trucks have camber, caster and toe angles. When they are properly aligned, the car will go straight without much correcting of the steering.  If any tires are out of alignment, the car will pull to the right or left, and there will be uneven tire wear. Bring your vehicle to Volkswagen of Inver Grove, in Inver Grove Heights, MN. We also service Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Burnsville MN. 

Aligning Your Wheels

If your car has four-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension or if the rear suspension is adjustable, you will need a four-wheel alignment. It is a good idea to get the alignment checked every other oil change, or at about 10,000 miles. If your car stops going straight or if you notice a vibration in the steering, it is a good idea to get it checked even sooner.  A lot of things can affect your alignment, such as the types of surfaces you drive on. If you hit a curb hard, for instance, that could also affect the alignment of your tires. If you have an incident with your car, it is a good idea to get it checked out by a professional service department. Alignment requires specialized equipment, which we have at our facility.

Having Balanced Tires is Vital

There are several reasons to keep up with the balancing of your tires. The simplest reason is that it will prolong the life of your tires. Out of balance tires will wear out much faster than they should, and you will save money by getting them balanced. Rotors give the brake pads a surface to use to stop your car, and the rotors essentially hold your tires on your car. Rotors that are not absolutely smooth can cause steering problems as well as braking problems. There is a minimum thickness car makers require for a car to be considered safe on the road.  

Misaligned Wheels Are Inefficient and can be Dangerous

A car that is out of alignment will only get worse. If the car goes straight easily, you may not need a realignment, but as soon as you notice any swerving it is a good idea to get it checked. A car not aligned properly will wear out tires quickly, so you could spend a lot more money buying tires if you don't keep up with the alignment.  If it gets bad enough it could affect your steering and in the most extreme cases could get you into an accident. Checking the alignment at specified intervals, or when you notice something unusual, can save you a lot of money on tire wear, and make your driving experience more pleasurable. 

Volkswagen of Inver Grove Tire Department

Stop by Volkswagen of Inver Grove in Inver Grove Heights, MN today to get your alignment checked. We also serve Minneapolis, St. Paul & Burnsville, MN. We have a world-class express maintenance department, so no appointment is necessary.  Checking the alignment will not take long, so relax in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy complimentary beverages, coffee, and we have kids play area as well. We offer free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled service, and we give each car a free touchless wash with every service. Remember to use your Volkswagen service credit card during your visit.

Volkswagen Inver Grove Service Amenities:

Free touch-free car wash with every service Free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled service visits
Comfortable waiting area with Complimentary Beverages, Coffee, and kids play area World-class Express Maintenance department - no appointment necessary
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Volkswagen Service Credit Card
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department