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Differential Service

Volkswagen of Inver Grove

Reasons to Have Differential Service

If your car is making noise on turns, or feeling clunky, bring it to Volkswagen of Inver Grove in Inver Grove Heights, MN, to get the differential checked and serviced. The differential helps your car make curves with stability by changing the speed in one of the tires as you go around a curve. It keeps the car stable and the ride smooth.  If your ride is rough or bumpy, your differential could be the issue. Whether you are in Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN, or Burnsville, MN, we are here to help! Learn more below. 

Differential Fluid Exchange

Changing the fluid is a key part of differential maintenance. Manufacturers say you should do this between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. When the oil breaks down you may lose some lubrication. This can cause a clunk sound, as well as a whining sound as you go around curves. There could also be issues with the pinion gear or the ring gear, which a low fluid level can aggravate. Any kind of sound that is unusual from the rear area often means the differential needs attention.

Possible Differential Issues That Require Service

When the oil level gets too low or gets too dirty, you may lose lubrication and the gears will rub together. This is what creates the whining sound you may hear. The noise should increase as you go faster. Like most issues in your car, it should not be ignored as it will only get worse. Getting the differential serviced regularly can prevent the entire unit from going bad. Not getting the differential serviced can make your tires wear out faster and can put an extra burden on your steering and suspension systems. It will also make your car less stable in turns. Failing to get this service can easily end up costing you a lot more with bigger repairs than a differential service would cost. 

Schedule Differential Service Today at VW of Inver Grove

Changing differential fluid is a messy job and is one that should be left to certified technicians. Your Volkswagen has a lifetime powertrain warranty with us, and you may use your Volkswagen Service Credit card. For all our customers we have a world-class express maintenance department, so no appointment is necessary.  We have a comfortable waiting area with complimentary beverages, coffee, and a kids play area. Our dealership offers free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled maintenance visits, and we give a free touchless car wash with every service.

Volkswagen Inver Grove Service Amenities:

Free touch-free car wash with every service Free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled service visits
Comfortable waiting area with Complimentary Beverages, Coffee, and kids play area World-class Express Maintenance department - no appointment necessary
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Volkswagen Service Credit Card
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department