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Battery Replacement Service

Volkswagen of Inver Grove
Volkswagen Battery Replacement Service

New Car Battery for Sale in Inver Grove Heights

If the engine is the heart of your car then the battery is the brain as it delivers all the power that your car needs to start, keep going, and to keep the electronic components of your car running as well. Often times your battery will need changing due to age and other factors. 

Replacing Your Volkswagen Battery

Your battery ages faster than the rest of your car due to its constant use and its exposure to weather and other elements as well. Your car is going to go through several batteries during its lifetime and knowing when to get your battery changed is a must. As your car starts, runs, and functions, the battery is going to get plenty of use. It is going to be exposed to cold, heat, water, and more and is likely going to die long before the rest of your car is ready to move on. That being said, a battery changing service generally entails changing not only the battery, but also the terminals any necessary wires, and even in some case, other elements that make the battery work in the car.

When is it time to look for a new battery?

You may need a battery change as the battery ages, as the battery gets used over and over, and when your battery is simply not working well for your car. If you are having an issue with your car starting, with it staying started, and with the electronic elements in your car not working, you may need a new battery. This is a very easy service that you can get done in a matter of minutes and often having it done at a dealership is going to help to get rid of the cost of recycling or getting rid of your old battery as well. 

Risks of Ignoring Dying Battery Signs

Not changing a battery when it needs to be changed is, of course, going to result in a car that does not start. When your battery is dead you need to either jump it and hope it has enough juice to keep going or that you can get it started and get on the road. Changing a battery is a very easy fix and is far less expensive than other issues you might deal with. 

Why Choose Volkswagen of Inver Grove

Volkswagen of Inver Grove is a fantastic dealership that has a comfortable waiting area, a kid’s play area, free touch-free car wash with every service and impeccable customer service to boot so that you can get your car back on the road sooner.

Auto Service Center Amenities:

Free touch-free car wash with every service Free fluid top offs between regularly scheduled service visits
Comfortable waiting area with Complimentary Beverages, Coffee, and kids play area World-class Express Maintenance department - no appointment necessary
Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Volkswagen Service Credit Card
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department
VW of Inver Grove Heights, MN Service Department