2022 Taos

2022 Taos in Inver grove Heights 

The 2022 Volkswagen Taos at Volkswagen of Inver Grove

Volkswagen is taking the journey into the highly popular world of compact SUVs. The driver base around the world is growing more and more adventurous, while demanding the best in performance and efficiency. VW throws its hat into the already existing market of compact SUVs, which for now consist of vehicles such as the Subaru Crosstrek, the Mazda C-X30, and many more. Deceiving though it may be as one of their smallest vehicles, the SUV boasts a new and exciting engine with plenty of room for you, your family, and everything you may need. Find out more about this exciting new innovation from VW, and how it may be the face for the future of the brand.

The highlight of the Taos is not only its signature size for comparative Volkswagen vehicles, but also a brand-new engine that looks to combine power with absolutely stellar fuel efficiency. The engine is a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. This engine is substantially more powerful than what Volkswagen devotees have come to know with vehicles such as the Golf and the Jetta models. The engine provides what is called variable turbine geometry, which allows for its turbine to respond to the flow of exhaust gasses that spin its compressor wheel at low or high speeds. With its variable turbine capability, the vehicle experiences less of a delay when delivering power to the engine at low speeds, a departure of your average turbocharged engine.

Changes in the engine keeps the Taos running at a higher power than several vehicles within the compact SUV class and helps maintain excellent fuel efficiency. For now, the best-in-class mileage exists within the Nissan Kicks, with a combined 33 mpg. VW hopes to be able to top that upon release and EPA testing of the Taos, and considers it an accessible milestone. VW has not yet mentioned if high-performance models of the Taos will be released, but there are currently versions of the Touareg, Tiguan, and the T-Roc overseas. Models that currently exist elsewhere that boast higher horsepower and increased speeds paint a hopeful future for a more athletic Taos.

The Volkswagen Taos is currently being released with two transmission variants. There is an eight-speed automatic transmission available with their front, two-wheel drive options and a seven-speed dual clutch for their all-wheel drive options. The Taos, releasing in 2022, has even its base models loaded with exciting features. For Volkswagen, this means that that even the lowest tier of trims comes packed with some state-of-the-art technology and interior accommodations. Physical gauge clusters make way for a customizable digital MID screen and pairs with a center console touch screen compatible with your smart phone. Additional safety packages such as blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane centering assist and more are also available.

The Volkswagen Taos may prove substantial for the future of VW. Sized somewhere between a Mazda C-30 and a Subaru Crosstrek, getting to your destination with speed, style, and power has become another outstandingly viable option for VW drivers everywhere.