Volkswagen Tiguan Volkswagen of Inver Grove

When it comes to compact SUVs, most people wouldn’t be debating the 2018 Toyota Rav4 vs the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. You are going to see far more Toyota Rav4 in Minneapolis / St. Paul. For that exact reason, though, you should be considering the Tiguan even more.

Volkswagen drivers are very loyal to the brand. The reason for that loyalty is well deserved. Volkswagen offers a unique driving experience that seeps into your soul and gives you hooked. When it comes to the Tiguan, this is a very good thing.

4Motion AWD VS Dynamic Torque Control AWD

Fundamentally, the Volkswagen 4Motion system and the Dynamic Torque Control system from Toyota operate in a similar fashion. They transfer the power from slipping tires to the ones that have traction to keep you on the road, and to protect your passengers. Both are good systems. Where the Volkswagen is better, though, is the actual operation. Now, there is no measurement of which is safer, as testing would be extremely difficult, after driving a Volkswagen you will understand why it drives such loyalty.

Styling Of The Volkswagen Tiguan

With similar prices, MPG, and horsepower, where the Tiguan slightly edges out the Rav4, what will frequently make the difference for shoppers is the difference in appearance. The Tiguan looks and drives fantastic. Being definitively Volkswagen while offering all of the modern features you expect, the Tiguan will drive well and look great on the road.

For example, the 8” available infotainment system, and the available Fender sound system, brings driving the Tiguan to a whole new level.