Volkswagen Tiguan vs Nissan Rogue

With ice, snow, and outdoor lifestyles being so prominent in Minnesota, a quality SUV is essential. As is the comparison of the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs the 2018 Nissan Rogue. What sets the Volkswagen Tiguan apart from the Nissan Rogue, though, is the little things.

Both vehicles offer similar EPA Estimated MPG, similar horsepower, and similar space, what sets the Volkswagen apart is its digital cockpit and driving experience.

Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

The Volkswagen Tiguan offers an offers a digital cockpit in many of its trims. That allows for four different dashboard combinations. This allows you to truly customize your driving experience to what you want to see in front of you, and to make the driving experience that little extra special.

To the right of you in the center console there are an available 8” infotainment systems that have App Connect. This allows select apps, such as Itunes on iPhones, to be pulled up right on the screen. This adds an extra dimension of safety because it stays in front of you, and not hidden down below. This isn’t the only available application for App Connect, and it is definitely something you should explore in person.

Volkswagen 4Motion AWD System

Now, every manufacturer has their own flavor of all-wheel drive. What makes the 4Motion system special, though, isn’t the concepts, but the actual application. 4Motion provides an addictive driving experience, which remains almost unnoticeable until you need it most. 4Motion works by putting the power into the tires that have traction and removing from the tires that are slipping. This allows you to continue on your ideal trajectory, and keep traction when you need it most.