2018 Volkswagen Tiguan VW Inver Grove

The showdown of the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs the 2018 Honda CR-V is much like our comparison with the Toyota Rav4. If you were to look around the Twin Cities you will find many more CR-Vs on the road than you would Tiguan. For those who want to stand out, and appreciate uniqueness, the Tiguan is going to be a superior choice.

Now claiming uniqueness simply with fewer drivers is crazy talk. The reason why the Tiguan is for drivers looking for something special starts with the fact that it is a Volkswagen. The Tiguan is no Beetle, which will make many shoppers happy, it does set itself apart with the 4Motion AWD system, an available Fender sound system, and an available third row. Yes, the third row in a small SUV, and it really does have space for people who sit back there.

Styling and Appearance Of Tiguan vs CR-V

The first thing that you will likely notice in the cockpit of the Tiguan is the driver personalization of the dash. You can customize your dials to what you want to see, and store up to four different designs. This allows you to really personalize your driving experience. You will also notice an 8” infotainment system, which offers Apple and Android Play. Pair these two features with the available Fender sound system, and you will truly be appreciating your driving experience.

Once you get on the road, though, that’s where the Volkswagen essence really comes out. Volkswagen are known to be fun to drive, and the Tiguan fits that bill. While it isn’t as zippy as the Golf Alltrack, it is still a great vehicle to drive. In Minnesota, it is an even better driving experience because of the 4Motion AWD system. 4Motion is perfect for wintery roads because it puts the power where you have traction, and helps keep you safe. Most of the time it operates unnoticed, but you will notice it when it matters most.