Volkswagen Tiguan Volkswagen of Inver Grove

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs 2018 Ford Escape

When it comes to loyalty, few brands command the type of following you find from Volkswagen drivers. The reason for the loyalty is easy to find once you take a Volkswagen for a spin. The quality of driving experience you get from a new Volkswagen is truly special, and a main reason that comparing the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan vs the 2018 Ford Escape has a forgone conclusion.

Personalize Your Dashboard

Every vehicle is able to make a few adjustments to personalize your driving experience. Some can move the steering wheel, others just move their seat, but Volkswagen allows you to truly personalize your vehicle by allowing you to customize your dashboard. With the digital cockpit option you are able to customize the gauges on your dash, and even have a map right between your gauges. This helps keep you facing the right direction, and eliminate some of the distractions by looking to your center console for directions.

All Wheel Drive Optimal For Minnesota

For many Minnesotans, all wheel drive isn’t optional, it is essential. While every manufacturer has their own all wheel drive system, Volkswagen offers the one and only 4Motion all wheel drive. 4Motion works by sensing which of your tires has traction, and which of your tires don’t have traction. From there the vehicle makes the adjustments to put power into the tires that need it, and help keep you on the road.